We are leading distributor of SAVSOL Refrigerant Oil for INDIA

The goods are manufactured by "SAVITA bonds build businesses, India"

Savita, India's leading petroleum Specialties manufacturing group, is known for its strong R&D base, adherence to international quality standards (ISO 9001) and customization of products to suit specific customer needs.

Since its inception in 1961, Savita has been a pioneer in raising the standards. With refineries in Navi Mumbai and Silvassa, Savita is an established leader in manufacturing petroleum specialty products.

Our endeavor is to fulfill our promise of total customer satisfaction by using the latest & most cutting edge technology to satisfy their needs. In its quest for total customer satisfaction, Savita has launched a wide range of Automotive and Industrial Lubricants under the brand Savsol, to cater to the growing belt of quality conscious customers.

Due to our commitment to quality and performance, Savita is today India's fastest 4T Oil Company. Savita has developed an extensive network of 46 C&F depots across India with a network of over 30,000 retailers.

We provide ready inventory and technical support for the following:

Refrigeration oil

  • Savsol 3000
  • Savsol 4000
  • Savsol 5000

General Description Savsol 3000, 4000 & 5000 are high performance Refrigeration Oils based on naphthenic mineral oils primarily intended for use in refrigeration compressors. They have low pour and floc points and excellent fluidity at very low temperatures by virtue of being almost wax-free. They also have excellent chemical stability.
SERIES ASTM method units Savsol 3000 Savsol 4000 Savsol 5000
GRADE 32 46
color D 1500 max 1.0 1.0
Specific gravity @ 15C D 1298 gm/cc 0.91 0.91
Viscosity @40C D 445 cSt 32.0 46.0
Flash point-COC D 92 C min 170 180
Pour point D 97 C max -42 -35
Total acidic number D 974 mgKOH/g 0.05 0.05
Applications Primarily intended for use in refrigeration compressors.
Key feature and Benefits
Precaution & Handling

Contact with refrigerant, mixtures of refrigerant and oil, or other chemicals can cause a variety of injuries including burns and frostbite. For example, if refrigerant contacts skin or eyes, it can cause severe frostbite. Also, in the event of a compressor motor failure, some refrigerant and oil mixtures can be acidic and cause chemical burns.

To avoid injury, wear appropriate protective eyewear, gloves and clothing when servicing an air conditioning or refrigeration system. Refer to your refrigerant supplier for more information.

If refrigerant or mixtures of refrigerant and oil come in contact with skin or eyes, flush the exposed area with water and get medical attention immediately.